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#Avatar - UsernameHobbiesJoin dateLast visitPostsPMForum (Forumotion only!)
 1 avatar MrSadist2017-09-15Today at 5:57 am26 Send private message 
 2 avatar DustyBonesMotorcycles, Model Making, Computer Graphic Goodies2010-03-20Today at 5:48 am1228 Send private message 
 3 avatar Van-HelsingWeb Designing, Programming, Coding.2013-10-13Today at 5:38 am2306 Send private message 
 4  Masquerade_Darkon2009-02-01Today at 5:27 am5 Send private message   
 5 avatar Spherical2017-01-28Today at 5:03 am15 Send private message   
 6 avatar AomineGraphics, Forums, and Video Games.2011-04-19Today at 4:56 am2189 Send private message   
 7 avatar brandon_gComputers, helping others 2011-01-15Today at 4:15 am5940 Send private message 
 8 avatar BlackScorpion2010-11-07Today at 3:19 am5187 Send private message 
 9 avatar SLGrayImproving my forums.2009-08-17Today at 1:26 am40197 Send private message 
 10 avatar jkh2010-11-10Today at 12:49 am278 Send private message 
 11  PendoCoding, Gaming, Drawing, Writing, Role-Playing, Basketball.2008-07-19Today at 12:37 am200 Send private message 
 12 avatar DraxionCoding, Web Design, Minor Graphic Design, Writing, Roleplaying2016-01-21Today at 12:29 am1710 Send private message 
 13 avatar LuffyReviewing :P2013-10-20Today at 12:04 am4788 Send private message 
 14 avatar TonnyKamperWebdesigning, videography, singing2013-01-13Yesterday at 11:37 pm117 Send private message 
 15 avatar Cruncher Pete2017-09-09Yesterday at 11:21 pm13 Send private message 
 16  Mr.SnOuP2014-12-29Yesterday at 10:58 pm12 Send private message 
 17 avatar Nape4HTML Expert Coder2009-10-24Yesterday at 10:57 pm203 Send private message 
 18 avatar skouliki2007-11-07Yesterday at 10:44 pm2894 Send private message 
 19 avatar Teodor2015-11-18Yesterday at 10:38 pm12 Send private message 
 20 avatar clivversCollecting unloved digital cameras (point and shoots) computer graphic designs, experimenting with HD screen filters and astronomy..2016-05-11Yesterday at 10:14 pm50 Send private message 
 21 avatar NewFoundStories2016-06-23Yesterday at 9:20 pm59 Send private message 
 22 avatar jucarese2013-05-02Yesterday at 9:04 pm1185 Send private message 
 23 avatar smurfavrHalf Life 12013-07-07Yesterday at 8:48 pm1564 Send private message 
 24 avatar WeaponX_30002016-04-05Yesterday at 8:46 pm6 Send private message 
 25 avatar xBreninho_.2017-09-22Yesterday at 8:19 pm0 Send private message 
 26 avatar KpuCk0Design/Coding/Cars/Football2014-03-31Yesterday at 7:49 pm865 Send private message 
 27 avatar jackjons2017-09-22Yesterday at 7:49 pm0 Send private message   
 28 avatar Mr_Grande2017-09-08Yesterday at 7:27 pm7 Send private message   
 29 avatar ZukeCreation new ways of entertainment, fun and games for my forum. 2014-10-20Yesterday at 7:22 pm385 Send private message 
 30 avatar MattiaDesAmminattivo2013-03-21Yesterday at 6:58 pm175 Send private message