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Forum Reported as Abusive

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In progress Forum Reported as Abusive

Post by 01Asher on February 2nd 2012, 2:01 am

Somebody has clicked "Report an Abuse" at the bottom of the register page on my forum and reported it as "Sexual and/or pornographic content" so that it has popped up as an "Abuse" in my Admin Panel. I've shifted it to "Done Abuses" but my questions are ... :

Has my forum been reported to some actual Forumotion Admin by this process? If so, I hope they check before taking any action.

Also, is there a way to permanently remove the 'reported abuse' from the "Done Abuses" section? Seeing as it's a bogus abuse, it seems a bit weird having it there.


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In progress Re: Forum Reported as Abusive

Post by SLGray on February 2nd 2012, 2:52 am

The Report an Abuse only goes to the administrator of the forum. There is no way to permanently remove it form the administration panel.

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In progress Re: Forum Reported as Abusive

Post by Base on February 2nd 2012, 5:26 pm

Hi, slg is correct. There is no way to remove it, but if it is indeed a hoax then all you can do is move it to 'Done abuses' and you don't have to worry if your forum is following our terms of service. Smile

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In progress Re: Forum Reported as Abusive

Post by kirk on February 2nd 2012, 6:49 pm

Right and even if it was send to forumotion litigations, If it was true abuse and you have removed and take4n care of the problem, Then you are running your forum correctly by not allowing such content,thus you would not have anything to worry about.

Forumotion would only warn or shut your forum down if you was intentionally allowing violations and not moderating your forum..So just be sure you continue to moderate and not allow any violations and your good to go thumright

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