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Account/Forum Disabled?

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In progress Account/Forum Disabled?

Post by gazra on June 1st 2012, 9:55 pm

Hey guys i have a forum that was created about a month ago now and it was fine for the first week or so then it has not been allowing my admin account to log in.

Now because of the nature of the forum i thought that it would have been due to something like that but then looking over the forum i can see that there is nothing pirated not content infringing as to why it would be like this.

the forum in question is

Now looking through it i can state that there is nothing either illegal nor is there anything that could be condoned to that.

Would anyone be willing to say why that this has happened.

This way i would be able to rectify it instead of getting emails like this.

You have chosen to delete the forum To make the deletion effective, please click here:
You can restore it at this address :
An e-mail has been sent to all the administrators to warn them.

Cordially, the support of forumotion

Firstly i did not decide to delete the forum nor did i want this, secondly if there was something that may have infringed anything then why did i not get a chance to remove this?

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In progress Re: Account/Forum Disabled?

Post by APE on June 2nd 2012, 1:13 am

Hi it looks to me that some one has got your admin account info

Go to your Forums utilities
put your E-mail address in you used to make your forum with and the password then log in thought them tools
This should then let you get in to your forum and see the ip address of the ones that have been in your forum to change the settings

From the forum Utilities
Go down the page to >> Direct connection to the Administration Panel
Once in your forum ACP head off to General Tab


  • Security Administration
  • Look down the list to see the ip address and who has been in your account
any ip address that don't match yours maybe the ones that hacked your account
take note of the ip address and ban it make sure its not your own ip address thou
or you will ban your self

if your not sure of your own IP you can find it in the homepage of the ACP right at the botton of the page.
once you have banned the ip address look up the members posts and ban the Email address aswell

Right once you done all that change your account info in the forum and in the forum Utilities

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In progress Re: Account/Forum Disabled?

Post by Mr.Helper on June 5th 2012, 1:48 pm

welcome ,, im sure you illegal in your forum .

Please read and respect our [url=forum rules.]orum rules.[/url]

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In progress Re: Account/Forum Disabled?

Post by gazra on June 6th 2012, 9:33 am

Hey guys thanks for the pointers but still nothing will not open the control panel.

The forum itself is not illegal in any sense of the word it does not privde any links to anything illegal it is a forum for those who want to find out about new "Homebrew" and new utilities for people to use.

Anything that is related to the games console is simply that nothing more. it is not telling people to do things or what to do it is just a place in which people can learn new things.

As far as I and many other people no there is nothing illegal about using a Console the way that one person wants to use it.

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In progress Re: Account/Forum Disabled?

Post by Nera. on June 6th 2012, 10:50 am


This is your forum
It's online as I see.

You are saying you can't login?
it has not been allowing my admin account to log in.

Did you lost your password or what is the message you are getting?

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