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BBCode Problem In Thread

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Solved BBCode Problem In Thread

Post by Melody Pond on June 13th 2012, 9:38 pm

I'm trying to post a Guide for my Forum and something's going wrong with the bbcdoe. When I put it in preview mode in edit, it looks perfect (even after I submit it and return to edit), but when I open the thread it looks all wrong. I apologize if this is the wrong place, I just figured because I think there's something wrong with the bbcoding.

Correct (in Edit/Preview)

Wrong (in Finished Thread)

This is what I've been posting.
A Guide to Rabbit Doubt
[spoiler=What Is Rabbit Doubt?]Rabbit Doubt is a Forum Game in which players are "Rabbits", all except one who is the "Wolf" disguised as a Rabbit. The Wolf must kill all the Rabbits in order to win the game, and the Rabbits must lynch the Wolf to win. The game is based off the Manga "Doubt" by Yoskiki Tomogai. [/spoiler]
[spoiler=Basic Gameplay][list][color=red][b][*]All the players are considered 'Rabbits' (or corresponding role).
[*]One player is a 'Wolf' (or corresponding role).
[*]Every Night-Stage, the 'Wolf' will kill someone.
[*]Every Day-Stage, the players vote. The player with the most votes is killed.
[*]Minimum of 10 players before game begins with a max of 20.
[*]Each "Round" or "Phase" consists of a "Night-Stage" following a "Day-Stage"
[*]When a Player is killed/lynched they are exiled to the Graveyard.[/b]
[*]If you are killed during game play, you are allowed one final post. Only one! Use your post wisely. You may not accuse a "Rabbit" of being the wolf in the post, but you may post a (Pre-Approved by GM) "Clue".
[*]After your final post, you are Exiled to the Graveyard.
[*]Exiled players are allowed to read but not post in the Current Game. They can however talk about the game in "The Graveyard" and ONLY "The Graveyard".
[*]People not playing may not talk in this thread after the games start.
[*]Even though this is Spam, once the game starts PLEASE stay on topic of the game. I will give you two warnings.
[*]Roles will be given out randomly. Do NOT ask for a role.
[*]Bunny Save: If you do not post during two Day Phases, I will kill off your character. If you are going to be AFK for a while, let me know. I might work something out for you.
[*]Do NOT PM someone and directly accuse them. You may consult with each other over PM if you choose, but direct accusations will not be allowed.[/b]
[spoiler=Game Versions]There a four different versions of Rabbit Doubt.
[spoiler=V.1.]This is the normal version. It is played (in the GM’s chosen theme) with only the BASIC ROLES and a few SECRET ROLES (if the Game Maker wishes too).  The majority of all Rabbit Doubt Games are played through Version 1.
[color=red]For the Rabbits to Win the Game, they must lynch both the Primary Killer & Secondary Killer (if one).
For the Killer(s) to win, they must kill all Rabbits.[/color]
[b]This game can be played with as little as 10 people and as many as 30.[/b][/spoiler]
[spoiler=V.2.]The second-most-played Rabbit Doubt Version is the “Teams” version. This game consists of all the BASIC & SECRET (if the Game Maker wishes) ROLES, but it is also split up into two categories. Version 2 is almost identical to Version 1, except the players have TWO WAYS of winning the game.
[color=red]Team 1 will win IF all of Team 2 is killed.
Team 2 will win IF all of Team 1 is killed.
All “Non-Killer” Roles will win IF they lynch ALL killer roles.[/color]
[b]This game requires at least 6 people PER team.[/b][/spoiler]
[spoiler=V.3.]Version 3 has only been played twice before this site was born. It is also like the “Normal” version, in that it employs the BASIC & SECRET (if the Game Maker wishes) ROLES. The only difference is “Character Sheets” In this version the GM will provide a “Character Sheet Template” in which the players will create “characters” (AFTER THEY RECEIVE THEIR ROLES) that will be played in the “Story Posts” rather than the players themselves. This adds to the mystery and anonymity of the game. Players are advised to NOT reveal their character, but it is not against the rules (UNLES the Game Maker specifies so).
[color=red]For the Rabbits to Win the Game, they must lynch both the Primary Killer & Secondary Killer (if one).
For the Killer(s) to win, they must kill all Rabbits.[/color]
[b]This game requires a minimum of 10 people and has a maximum of 25 people. This game can be played with NPCs if necessary.[/b][/spoiler]
[spoiler=V.4.]Version 4 is called “The Hunger Games” Version. Unlike the other versions, this version already has its own theme. It is based around the infamous “Hunger Games” of the “Hunger Games Trilogy”. At the moment I don’t have enough information on how it worked exactly, but I will update this soon. I have to speak with the original Game Maker of the game.[/spoiler][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Themes]Every Rabbit Doubt Game has its own unique theme. The theme will determine the type of roles that will be in the game. Each theme is determined by its Game Maker. It can be an original idea or even based on a movie/book/show/etc. 

[size=24][color=red][b]A FEW EXAMPLES:[/b][/color][/size]
[spoiler=Original Recipe]In the Original Doubt, the only Roles are however many Rabbits & 1 Wolf, but it has also varied to included 2 wolves, or a snake. There are also the "Mayor Cottontail" & "Love Bunny" roles that give special powers to normal rabbits, as well as a few others.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Once Upon a Time]This Doubt Game was played on another site, and instead of "normal" roles with the "Rabbits" and "Wolf" it was played with Disney-Based Roles. This version was also played with "Character Sheets" a semi-new concept to us, in which players submitted a "CS" to their Game Maker via PM. The Character Sheets were all anonymous, thus adding a little more mystery to the game.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=The Insane Asylum]I personally created and hosted this game on a previous site. Instead of the traditional "Wolf" & "Rabbit" type roles, the players had "employee" & "patient" roles. Instead of particularly playing solely against the game's "killers" they were also playing in teams. If the Patients could eliminate all Employees they would win and vice-versa, but all the normal players would win if the "primary killer" and "secondary killer" were killed first. There were both "normal" employee/patient roles and "special" roles for both teams.[/spoiler][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Roles]Rabbit Doubt Roles rely on the "Theme" of the Game, but the game must ALWAYS have the BASIC ROLES (with the exception of V.4.)

[size=24][color=red][b]BASIC ROLES:[/b][/color][/size]
[spoiler=Rabbits][color=red]Normal Players.[/color] They vote to lynch a rabbit they suspect as the wolf EACH DAY STAGE.
The Rabbit Role has been called: Tributes (for the Hunger Games Doubt) and Patients/Employees (for the Asylum Doubt). You may change the name if your theme calls for it.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Wolf][color=red]Primary Killer.[/color] Must kill 1 player EACH NIGHT STAGE. To maintain his/her disguise as a "Rabbit" the Wolf is allowed a "lynch vote".
The Wolf has been called: The Evil Queen (in a Disney Themed Doubt) and Loki (in an Avengers themed Doubt). You may change the name if your theme calls for it.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Mayor Cottontail][color=red]Leader of the “Rabbits”.[/color] Is voted by the "Players" (votes sent at beginning of the game by ALL players). However, Mayor Cottontail is still an anonymous role. Only the GM and the Mayor himself/herself will know.
Mayor Cottontail has been called: Mufasa (in the Disney theme) and Chief of Medicine (in the Asylum Doubt). You may change the name if your theme calls for it.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Snake][color=red]Secondary Killer.[/color] The Snake can kill ONCE every 24-Hours. He/She can either kill in the Night Stage or the Day Stage, but must wait an entire 24-hour-revolution before killing again. If the Snake kills during the Day Stage, he/she must wait until the next Day Stage to kill again.
The Snake has been called: Manic Nurse (in the Asylum Doubt) & Kraken (in a Pirates of the Caribbean Doubt) You may change the name if your theme calls for it.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Love Bunny & The Lovers][color=red]Cupid & Lovers.[/color] After The Love Bunny receives his/her role, he/she will PM the Game Maker and give him/her two names (player names or character names depending on the version). These two players will fall in love (their identities will be secret from all except: each other; Love Bunny; and Game Maker).
The Love Bunny & Lovers have been called: Good Fairy; Snow White & Prince Charming (in the Disney Doubt). You may change their names if your theme calls for it.[/spoiler][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Organization]The Following represents the thread organization for the Doubt Games.
[spoiler=A Tail of Two Wolves]You do not need to name your game “Rabbit Doubt: Name Here”. Just the actual name of your game.
This spoiler signifies the very first thread you will post when making a Doubt Game. This thread will list the theme, rules, player list, roles, etc. All game information will be displayed here. This will also be your sign-up thread.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Game #1: Phase 1]There will be no introduction posts. We will jump right into the game, with the Wolf (or corresponding role) making his/her first kill during the Night-Stage. When you post this thread, you will also post a poll that will be used to make “lynch” votes. The poll will consist of all currently “living” players or characters (if the game has character sheets). After the amount of time the GM gives for the lynch voting to occur ends, the GM will post the Day-Stage within this thread. “Living” Rabbits may post in this thread until the next Phase is posted. After the new phase is posted this thread must be locked.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Game #1: Phase 2]Rinse. Repeat. All new Phases BEGIN with the Night-Post.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Visual Representation][img][/img][/spoiler][/spoiler]

Melody Pond
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Solved Re: BBCode Problem In Thread

Post by Melody Pond on June 13th 2012, 9:43 pm

Seriously? That's stupid. ">.<" Arg. Spoilers are the best way for me to organize things. I wish you guys could adopt the "hiders" from vBulletin. (I can't figure out what your "hide" things do). It'd make it so much easier.

Crap now I have to figure out a way to organize it without being a huge wall of bloody text.

Thanks though.

Melody Pond
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