Adsense Issue

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Adsense Issue

Post by Flip on Fri Dec 28 2012, 17:29

I just paid to have the ads removed from my forum, with sole intent of applying for adsense to have my own ads placed instead. But when I went to apply, its telling me I can't get adsense with a forumotion subdomain, and it won't let me apply.

Someone at the google forums also confirmed that I can't apply with a forumotion subdomain.

So, what's the deal? Because I read a lot of ppl on here getting adsense on their forumotion sites. What is different about my URL that its rejecting?


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Re: Adsense Issue

Post by Mike on Fri Dec 28 2012, 20:47

try getting a .com domain.n

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Re: Adsense Issue

Post by invisend on Sat Dec 29 2012, 05:37

Instead of

adsense needs something like:

you need to get that domain name with credits or cash...

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