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Hacking my forum can't stop him

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In progress Hacking my forum can't stop him

Post by tdbnz on Wed Jan 02, 2013 8:23 pm

Hello there

I Recived a pm from a admin on my site

a user Nightmare on my forum

was hacked and a guy called jack was accessing the admin panel

the other admin took action and demoted him to user level

I changed the password on the account Nightmare

so jack can't get into account again

I ipbaned him host banned him

I am scared he a hacker and he has hack accounts and has damaged the forum in the passed

the user Jack is able to hack

I tried Ip banning him host banning him but

get goes to his school / mates house's

and he can access the froum then he create's accounts and active's them with temperary email's

His account he has on the forum is Jack its banned and

it does not matter what i do he can access the site from any where eg he just uses his friends internet and then he got access

I read your thing on max secrity on the forum

I now just waiting for user Nightmare to repond to my email so I can ahppy restore his account again

could any one help me and is there any way to stop him access the forum from other loctaon's his house internet can't access the site and ip banned him and host banned him

I Just wont rid of him so he does not hack again

he damaged my forum before and it took the

Help.forumotion administrator to get by forum

I just wont to be able to say good bye to this Jack guy and do not wont him to access the site ever agian and i hate him creating lots of accounts

he is ip banned and host banned but he can use internet at other loctaions and still get on my forum i wont to get him of my forum for ever

I wont rid of him form my forum is there any way i can stop him access the forum form other locations eg at his mates's house and school

thanks (* if you can't help me stop his access to the forum he will strike again and hack*)

i tryed every thing His a hacker

watch him he might hack you

i will previde url 0f my forum if need be

I will go to the police if this user jack makes accounts and hacks again

then forumotion would have to help be fight him as he doing wrong


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In progress Re: Hacking my forum can't stop him

Post by Sanket on Wed Jan 02, 2013 10:27 pm

Firstly to stop this hacking. Choose not to allow new members. Then add a flood control limit. Change your passwords for admin accounts to something that is not easily guessable or associated with.

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In progress Re: Hacking my forum can't stop him

Post by tdbnz on Thu Jan 03, 2013 8:02 pm

No I need users I think changing the url 2 times would solve it
then he can't get to forum as url. Changed

I think that a good idea don't u think


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