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Please help us retrive forgetten password.

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In progress Please help us retrive forgetten password.

Post by igormario on January 24th 2013, 1:21 am

Hi guys,first allow me to thank you for the awesome type of forums which you provided to us and helping us.
Second of i would like to ask you for support we have small troubles accessing our admin user account/administration panel.
This morning i changed the password i was in rush after an hour when i got back and tried changing i couldn't remember what i put at the end of password because it was quite a long ,and the problem is i can't restore it over "forget you password" feature because it says this :The security 'Disallow admin to send new password' is active in Admin Panel > General Admin > Security now we apperently can't even restart the password and we don't want to lost all the work we done on the forum ,we will provide any necessary info to prove we are owners .
I know this situation is a little silly but we all can make mistake Embarassed
Thanks on support and please help me if you can.

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In progress Re: Please help us retrive forgetten password.

Post by SLGray on January 24th 2013, 2:33 am

When your topic has been solved, ensure you mark the topic solved.
Never post your email in public.


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In progress Re: Please help us retrive forgetten password.

Post by Fantom2k on January 25th 2013, 5:35 am

This actually just happened to me, you can use SLGray's linked to solution or you can just "unlock" password reset emails for administrators.

This solution assumes you have at least one other USER ID set to be an Admin besides the default admin (founder) account.

To Unlock the password reset emails have another admin go to the admin panel, make sure it is set to advanced - On the General Tab in the Forum Section click on the Security Option - Change the "Disallow "Send by e-mail a new password" to administrators and moderators :" option from "Yes" to "No". This will allow a password reset email to be sent for the main admin/founder account to the email that account is linked to.

If you don't have any other users setup as admins, you don't have access to the email the founder account is linked to or for some reason you just don't want to turn the above option off, your only choice is to follow the instructions in SLGray's link from above.

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