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New updates: Upgrade of the Toolbar and... Improvement of the mobile version!

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New updates: Upgrade of the Toolbar and... Improvement of the mobile version!

Post by Shadow on February 22nd 2013, 4:06 pm

New update
New updates: Upgrade of the Toolbar and... Improvement of the mobile version

Hello dear members Hello

We're glad to inform you that some new updates are available Mr. Green

Toolbar V2

The Toolbar has just been launched on forums, and we have already brought some improvements based on your suggestions.

The paid option to remove the copyrights from the forum is now working also for the copyrights from the Toolbar.
And, the "Welcome" menu of the toolbar now displays the avatar of the member, his rank (and keep the good group color), the number of posts, the number of messages, and a direct access to the Private Messages.

  • The possibility to remove/modify the copyrights from the Toolbar or customize it
    The community requested this possibility after the launching of the Toolbar.
    So... here it is ! cheers
    The option to disable the copyrights of the forum has now an effect also on the Toolbar.
    So now, when you purchase this feature, new options are available in your Toolbar configuration to customize it :

    1. You can change the color of the Toolbar with this option
    2. This option permits the change of the text color on the Toolbar
    3. Here, you can put another text instead of "Forumotion"
    4. You can also add an URL where the above text can redirect (the text will become clickable)
    5. Here, you can add a logo or an image you chose.

  • An improvement of the Welcome menu
    The Welcome menu of the Toolbar have now a new look... Cool
    When you're logged in the forum, you can now see your avatar and some important info in the menu :
    - The number of posts you've done in this forum
    - The number of PMs you sent in this forum.

  • A link to the Private Messages of the user in the Welcome Menu of the Toolbar

    You can find now a direct access to your PMs box on your Toolbar. A new time saving option! thumright

    Improvement of the mobile version
    That's one of the most awaited improvements, you can now log in your forum from anywhere you want thanks to your mobile devices! Very Happy
    The new update of the mobile version permits a better browsing of your forums through your mobile. You can now :

    Log in/Log out easily

    Create a new topic

    Post a reply

We hope you'll enjoy these new improvements.
See you soon for new great updates Very Happy

PS : Don't forget to give your opinion here
The ForuMotion Team bye

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Re: New updates: Upgrade of the Toolbar and... Improvement of the mobile version!

Post by anhoang_qn on March 7th 2014, 3:52 pm

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