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Hiding Rank Title Text

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Hiding Rank Title Text

Post by Sanket on March 24th 2013, 11:22 am

Hiding Rank Title Text

In this quick tutorial, I will show you three ways to hide the Rank Title text (the name of your rank). There are multiple ways to do it, but the three I am going to show are what I consider to be the most effective. I know that this has been covered a few times with people asking about it, but I think it is easiest to just put the methods in the same place and make an official tutorial out of it.

Before I start showing ways, I should note that all examples will be based on the image below. How it looks on your forum may vary slightly, but not very much. The layout does NOT change how you do any of these methods.

Version One: No name at all

This is the quickest way to make your rank title disappear, because it makes your rank actually have no title at all. However, there are two problems with this that may make people not a fan of it.

How to:
To do this, you need to change the title text as shown below. There's nothing more to it:


* Easy and fast to do
* Only effects the ranks you specify
* Should work on all versions

* Leaves a gap where the title would be
* When selecting the ranks from a list, all ones like this appear as blank lines

Credit to Sir Chivas™ for giving this one to someone to answer their question about how to do this

Version Two: the name IS the image

This is the one I personally use. It replaces the name of the rank with an image. There is one major downside to this that may cause some people to reconsider, however. Bonus: You can make the image a second rank, effectively turning this into two ranks in one.

How to:
To do this one, you will need to use the html code "img src=" in the rank title as shown below:


* Only effects the ranks you want to change
* Looks good (no gaps left behind)
* Should work on all versions
* Easy way to make two ranks into one (title is one rank, image is another)

* There's a good chance you will need to use tinyurl to shorten the image address, as there is a character limit

Version Three: rank title does not get shown at all

This is, what I consider to be, the most effective method of doing this. However, I believe it only works on phpBB2, and will effect all users. It is done by editing templates, so there may be a few bugs if you don't do it correctly.

How To:
Go to Advanced Control Panel => Display => Templates => General and click "Modify" on the template named "viewtopic_body". Once that is open, search the code below. There should only be one result:

{postrow.displayed.POSTER_RANK}<br />

Delete this from your coding, then save the changes. Scroll down the templates again, then publish it.

NOTE: Sometimes, it won't change to how it should look. This generally only occurs when you have done many changes to the same template in quick succession. To fix this, leave it for a while and it will change itself. A temporary fix is to edit the template again and save without changes, but leave it unpublish.

NOTE2: If you don't delete the "br" code, you will get a blank line where the title should be.


* You can name your ranks (so they have names when selecting them) and use image urls as long as you want
* It works on all ranks, so if all of them are meant to be image-only, it saves time

* phpBB2 exclusive
* Effects all ranks, so it's either no titles at all, or you have to use another method
* Requires template editing (not as fast as the other methods)

Version Four:
1. Give the rank a span class:

And then insert the following code in your CSS:


    .rank1 {

You can give all ranks, whose titles should be hidden, the same span class, you can name the span class what you want.


  • Only affects the ranks you want to change
  • Looks good (no gaps left behind)
  • Should work on all versions
  • No matter with too long image URLs


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