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Hosting images in bulk please!

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Hosting images in bulk please!

Post by water278 on Fri Dec 27 2013, 08:06

Hi, the forum now allows people to host/upload a single image, but it would be much easier for us who often upload a bunch at once if we can have multiple uploads at a time~ Please please please~~~! Thx!!

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Re: Hosting images in bulk please!

Post by SLGray on Fri Dec 27 2013, 08:15

I believe this has already been suggested. I just can not locate the topic.

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Re: Hosting images in bulk please!

Post by Selvester on Fri Dec 27 2013, 11:17

Well after looking over every page of suggestions (please note I was browsing by topic titles not viewing each topic, so I may have just missed it) I have found a few similar to this one but I don't think there is one exactly like it.

This one specifically for uploading multiple smilies:

And another one:

And a similar one about multiple codes for the smilies:

This one I think is trying to suggest it for everything though they are directed to the smilie one saying they are the same, even though I dont really think thats what the auther was going for... I think they were trying for everything not just smilies:

But I couldn't find one for hosting/uploading pictures (discounting the last one which I think was talking about all). It all seems to be about the smilies. So I do believe this is a new topic suggestion...

However I do not believe it would be one I would vote for... How, once the pictures were up loaded, would you know which links belong to which picture. I mean I feel like it would be a lot of previewing and editing... and there would just be a lot of links in general considering that right now uploading a picture gives you three... Not to mention it would probably take a while to upload all of them. It just sounds overly complicated to me and I think in the long run would take more time than doing them individually. So no for me...

(Also... Isn't a poll needed?)

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Re: Hosting images in bulk please!

Post by Jophy on Sat Dec 28 2013, 20:23


Please read the rules of the suggestion section before posting, also, please search for similar suggestions first before posting. Thanks.

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