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Button set request

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Button set request

Post by Eloaene on Sun Mar 02 2014, 21:56

Creation Type: button set to replace "index" "search" "login" "new posts" "no new posts" etc
Size (In Pixels): button-appropriate
Primary Colors: Crimson
Secondary Colors: gold, twine, parchment type colours
Images to include: Wax stamp/ seal.
Text to Insert: button-appropriate
Font (Provide Download Link): calligraphy?
Font Color: Crimson or gold/ maybe dependednt on how it shows up on the graphic. Would like to see what it looks like appearing 'pressed' with a wax stamp.??
Link to My Forumotion Forum:
Username on Your Forum: Eloaene
Link to your Last Graphics Request:
Proof of Forum ownership screen shot:
Detail description for your graphics request:

<3 new set of buttons to replace default ones on my site. I've been toying around with the idea of wax-seal looking buttons with a curly que of twine or ribbon involved. For ones with text required like "index" "login" etc, was considering something with the stamp/seal on one side and the text written across a ribbon extending out from the wax stamp?? Hmmm.. Or perhaps A wax stamp with curled twine and the letters extending across a "parchment" type background?

for the buttons requiring no text at all, I was wanting to see what it would look like to have the wax stamp by itself as the button with an "R" stamped into it for "rain of fire".. or perhaps an "ROF" in the middle of it in some sort of fancy script, if legible enough in the little space.

Is it possible to see a button sample in varying colours of wax, too? Blue, light blue, green, gold, purple, etc? see if maybe I like it better in another colour?

For "very active thread" button or "New Post", another Idea i was toying with, is like.. the lit end of the wax stick.. like a little flickering firelight? Some sort of gif like that.

hmmm. I feel like that's a lot, but I know designers here are quite talented, so I'm sure this will be no problem haha. Thank you for your creative assistance.

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Re: Button set request

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 02 2014, 22:03


We have updated the rules and you are no longer required to have a screenshot. Please check the updated rules, which you can find in my signature! In other words, you can feel free to remove that part, if you'd like.



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Re: Button set request

Post by BlackScorpion on Tue Mar 11 2014, 01:29

Your post above seems to have two request in one, 1 for the topic buttons and another for the nav bar. If i recall correctly the rules state your are only allowed to request one request type.

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Re: Button set request

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 11 2014, 02:43

Thank you for point this out, Scorpion, much appreciated. As there has been no reply from the original poster in some time, I shall go ahead and garbage this thread. If this request is still needed, a new topic can be made.

==> Thread Locked


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