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Help me find the person responsible for Cynder

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Help me find the person responsible for Cynder

Post by SpyroDragon on May 7th 2016, 11:23 am

Something had happend to me relating to the new dawn of the dragon and i would appreciate if you guys can help me find the right guy/girl to talk to about this...this event has troubled my heart for years now. In 2001 when they sold those glass lord of the rings light up cups, yea i remember having this about the time of getting that cup from mc.donalds, thats where i came up with 2001 but i'm not 100 sure what the date was rather than i use that as a mark but i had a dream of being with a dragon.. After that dream i wrote in my new notebook that my biological mom bought me i wrote in it " i love Dragon , forever Dragon " then the days went by, and if it was either months, or years that went by, i was wondering around Wallmart and ( sorry if you guys are'nt religious ) but i was going down the isles at Wallmart not having any intent on getting anything and then all of a sudden something told me stop and look left... So i did and when i looked left the first thing i saw was The Legend Of Spyro: ANB for ps2. And something told me to get it...was confused at first but i had felt something for the character, ' Cynder '. It was a weird feeling as if i was like spiritually connected somehow.. I felt dumb for thinking that because of how cheesy the game is ( no offense ). Then a year later TEN came out and i had a feeling like i needed to get it and the feelings for cynder got stronger.. A year after that DoTD came out. I didnt reconize at first but as soon as i went to the menu and saw the volcanos in the background and the hill that they stood on... That cynder was the dragon in my dream that i had wrote i " i love dragon , forever dragon" ever since i made a website to show my loyality to this dragon spiritually.. And have been desperetly trying to get ahold of anyone who might of had a similiar experince.. In 2013 i finally confessed this story to my church bishop (I am Lds-Mormon) and he convinced me to delete the site... Only after deleting did i realize that was a big mistake because i made the site in 2008 but now the creation date is 2013 so my story isn't as beleiveable anymore... But now i am seeking your guyses help. I wish to speak with the person responsible for thinking up the character Cynder. Did he/she have a dream of her too? If you could help me with this problem that has put such a burden on my heart for years and still till this day. Would very much be appreciated.

If you find out who
please email the link, email, or what ever you found that can

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