Using dice in a function

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Using dice in a function

Post by Algimantas Rauduve on October 7th 2016, 5:49 pm


First of all, I am quite new to coding as a whole, but I am trying to create a system in my forum, where you take the values of the dices roled and use them. My question today is, how can I specifically take only the roles (with or without the images).

When a user rolls, it creates a new post with:
The member 'The Tower' has done the following action : Kauliukai

'R6' : 4, 5, 2

I need the javascript to see what user(tower), what dice (R6), how many (3) and what values(4,5,2). I need this information to be saved in vars for me to use them. I though i would get the elements by class, but because this seems like a normal post, the function would also get every non dice roll. Help Sad

Thank you for your time,
Algimantas Rauduve
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