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Re: Photoshop Challenge

Post by aylah on August 15th 2009, 9:52 pm

Forum Category: Graphics, Design
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Administrators: FivebyFive, aylah
Moderators: without_the_mask, AlicexCullen, Filthy Victorian, Ishkabibble
Forums main theme: This forum was created for all the photoshoppers out there, who enjoy participating in challenges, not only to improve their work, but also for the fun of it.
Challenges run weekly.

Photoshop Challenge Categories:

The Portal:
- Forum News
- Forum Rules
- Mods & Judges

- Banners
- Icons

Gifs & Animations:
- Gifs

Photo manipulations:

- Manip Challenges

- Movie poster mashups
- CD Covers
- DVD Covers

Non Photoshop:
- Writing
- Photography
- Art

- General Chat
- So Bored
- Help & Support

- Photoshop Q&A
- Tutorials
- Resources

We're a newly formed community, with 18 registered members, and 146 messages.
Apart from new members/participants, we're also looking for judges.
Note: Judges are allowed to participate in the challenges, but may not vote on their own entries.

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Re: Photoshop Challenge

Post by aylah on August 16th 2009, 5:13 pm

We have a new moderator for the Non Photoshop section: Zero79.

Challenges running at the moment
- Forum Banner, make a banner for the forum
- User Avatars, make avatars for the forums users. No judging, all entries goes in the gallery

- Through The Keyhole, take the provided photo of a keyhole, and show us what's on the other side.

- The Internet, make a poster with the provided theme.

Non Photoshop:
- Writing: 5 lines. Compose a 5 line poem, about anything.
- Photography: Black & White. Submit a photo taken by yourself, in black and white.
- Art: 3D drawing. Draw a 3 dimensional drawing. No photoshop allowed.

Please join! There's lots of fun to be had! Smile

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