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NEW UPDATE : 25 fresh functionalities for your pleasure!

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NEW UPDATE : 25 fresh functionalities for your pleasure!

Post by Leviosa on October 29th 2009, 3:29 pm

First topic message reminder :

New update : 25 functionalities!

Dear Forumotion users,

A new update has now been launched on to your forums, containing 25 brand new functionalities for your forums usage!
Tutorials will follow for functionalities that need one!

Let's start listing them :

1 - Ability to use your own Google Analytics code simply : addition of a Google Analytics field in the admin panel for the integration of Google Analytics code on all versions of forums without using templates.
General > Google Analytics

2 - Advices on how to increase your audience on the homepage of the admin panel : new icons on the home of the admin panel.

3 - Select the number of new members accounts per day, per IP : it limits the number of entries from the same IP number for a duration of 24 hours (24 hours, not the current day).
General > Security
Tutorial :

4 - The selection of images and colors of the gallery moved every 2 respectively in the 'images management" and "colors" of the admin panel : most designers forget about the poor gallery!
Display > Pics management

5 - New ban panel, gives you the ability to ban members based on 3 criteria : username / email / IP address and specifying in advance an unban date. On that date, the member is automatically unbanned. This panel also allows the access to a list with all the banned members with the opportunity to unban individually or mass-unban.
Users & groups > Ban control
Tutorial :

6 - New category in the admin panel "Promotion Forum" lets you invite your friends via email, social networks or through direct invitation from the forum. Also note that all SEO categories have been moved to this new category (like the choice of category in the directory or under the homepage of the new management forum + keywords).
General > Forum promotion


7 - Ability to "share" a topic : (to twitter, facebook, myspace ...)
Tutorial :

8 - Choose the visitors page arrival : the admin can decide on which page (portal, home page or html page) the member should arrive via the url of the forum.
Display > Generalities

9 - Level permissions for the "IP" button : the admin can give permissions to the IP button posts. These permissions can go to the admins, moderators or members.
Users & groups > Special rights

10 - Automatic membership in a group : the ability to automatically put a member in a group by a message threshold set by the admin. it can apply to all groups except the admin group.
Users & groups > Group administration

11 - Personalization of time in minutes after which the member is considered "offline" : the admin can configure it according to their wishes in minutes (max. 60 minutes). If the user exceeds the time set by the admin without any action on the forum, he will be considered "offline".
Users & groups > Users options

12 - Adding links on IP addresses accessible via the positions of one member : it enables the direct verification of the IP in question.

13 - The admin has the ability to contact a member by email via his profile : the admin now has access to that possibility even if the member disabled it. By default it is a contact form.

14 - Set permissions for Private Messages regarding the number of posts : the admin can set an amount of posts (Max 200 ) before a user PM box is active. Until the amount of post is not reached by the member, they can't send PMs. An effective tool against trolls who register only for spam by PM ...
General > Private messages

15 - Permissions on the display of status "online" members on the forums : the admin can now give permission for the display of this status.
Users & groups > Special rights

16 - Ability to sort the security log in the admin panel : it will be possible to sort the actions performed in your forum by Date, Username, IP Address or action made, to better monitor what is happening on your forums.
General > Security

17 - The possibility to customize the portal name in the navbar : now, the name you will have chosen will replace the default name "portal".
Modules > Portal management

18 - Customize the separator message-signature : the admin now has the ability to customize message-signature separators via the admin panel. This change will be reflected in the separators messages in topics and in the personal profile.
General > Messages & emails > Configuration

19 - Topics description : displays a description for a topic on the sub-forum home that contains it.
General > Messages & emails > Configuration


20 - Revival of previous messages : displays a number of posts (determined by the admin) from the previous page in the current page.
General > Messages & emails > Configuration

21 - The ability to set permissions on the images and links in the topics : this option adjustable with the permissions of each sub-forum can simply hide the images and / or links in the topics sub-forum in question to groups with permission below that set by the admin without affecting the rest of the subject.
General > Categories and forums >
Tutorial :

22 - Automatic resizing of images in the topics : the admin now has the opportunity to define through their admin panel; maximum width and height of images that allow the topics. Any member posting an image of a size greater than the one set by the admin, will see their image automatically resized to the size set with the possibility to see real size if needed.
General > Messages & emails > Configuration

23 - Possibility to limit nesting level of quotes in a single message : the admin can now specify how many times a member can include quotes from other members in a single message. This option limits the number of quotes for the same message.
General > Messages & emails > Configuration

24 - The ability to disable a PM box directly by someones profile : the member wishing to stop receiving private messages from members can easily disable the inbox through his personal profile. Admins and forum moderators, however, can contact him by PM if needed.
Your Profile > Preferences

25 - A reminder 60 days before domain name expiration : to avoid an unpleasant surprise admins will be notified via a message on the admin panel indicating the approach of domain name expiration (if the forum has one) 60 days before the expiration date. This allows the founder to prepare the renewal smoothly.

Hope you'll enjoy these new functionalities!

Forumotion Team

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Re: NEW UPDATE : 25 fresh functionalities for your pleasure!

Post by wolf6541 on December 16th 2009, 12:31 am

nice nice good work! Razz

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Re: NEW UPDATE : 25 fresh functionalities for your pleasure!

Post by HristoBG on December 20th 2009, 10:39 am

Awesome ! This is so :wouhou:
Is there have a funciton to see who user look the topic.
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And can You upload christmas emoticons, like

And this cool emoticon:


I Apologize for this reply and for my English (I am a bulgarian ppl)

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Re: NEW UPDATE : 25 fresh functionalities for your pleasure!

Post by Mike Ranger on January 11th 2010, 6:21 pm

I like the changes thank you, it makes it much easier for one guy to run a board. O_0

Mike Ranger
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Re: NEW UPDATE : 25 fresh functionalities for your pleasure!

Post by naomiya01 on September 13th 2010, 5:54 pm


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