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Forum Profiling

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Forum Profiling

Post by 94killerz on March 31st 2010, 11:37 pm

Please brace yourself for a text-wall of suggestions...

In general, I would just like to see a preset system for forum creation. However, it's a bit more detailed than that.

After the "Overall" section, there will be a series of sub-sections, each header has a word or two inside brackets. These words will either tell if the option will be Automatically set if you choose to use a preset, or if you can choose to enable them if you choose to use a preset. If they are automatic, you can change the settings after, using the admin panel. (Where you can also change the preset if you wish.)

And yes, this means you can OPT OUT of using the preset function by choosing to "Start From Scratch".

For those who have had experience building a website with the "Webs" company, you will know a little bit about this already. Essentially, as you sign up, you select what your forums will most likely be like based on a list of presets. Such as Gaming, Music, Sports, etc. Once you select that and continue, you will be brought to the admin panel with suggestions in many things like:
- Forums and Categories
- Configuration
- Templates (Known on the admin panel as Themes, but to prevent confusion- will be called Templates in this post.)
- Forums Permissions
- Groups & Ranks
- Users Options
- Portal & Forum widgets

URL: [Shown Automatically]
When you go to pick a sub-domain (from the many offered by forumotion), a fourth area will be added (between Quick Update and Ordered By Categories) with a list of suggested sub-domains. This list will hopefully be a bit more relevant to the overall theme/use of the forums than the current categories. If not, then just disregard this idea.

Forums & Categories: [Optional]
Upon creating your forums, you will have certain forums and categories added (descriptions and all [- permissions]) that are relevant to your theme. This is automatic if you choose to use a preset.

Configuration: [Optional]
You can optionally choose to have an automatic configuration set to your forums based on common configurations of other forums using that theme. This would include general configuration (like time format, favicon, and ads settings) along with messaging configuration (such as posts per page, topics per page, enable/disable html|bbcode|smileys).

Templates: [Shown Automatically]
If selected, you will see a fourth option under "Styles" on the Display tab named "Suggested Themes". This will just contain a list of suggested themes from which will probably work best if it just shows search results, using the preset's name as the keywords.

Forums Permissions: [Optional | Possibly needs to require Group and Forum/Category presets?]
Essentially, this would most likely work best if Groups & Ranks were enabled. It would set the view, read, vote, etc. permissions for all groups (including guests and normal members... excluding moderators and administrators) for each forum.
What I mean by that, is that permissions can vary from forum to forum, but they're ALL set and at once. Any forums and categories not in the presets will not be set.

Groups & Ranks: [Optional]
This basically just creates groups and ranks based on the preset selected. (Example: a music forum would probably have groups like "Pro Musician", "Self-Declared Prodigy", "Future Performer", etc.)

Users Options: [Optional]
Sets users options based on popular settings of boards of the same preset.

Portal & Forum Widgets: [Automatic]
Organizes, sets settings, and adds/removes widgets for the portal. If you choose to enable the forum widgets option, this will do the same for it, also. (However, if you enable forum widgets after you choose your preset, you will have to refresh the preset by selecting it again.

So... to clear things up one last time:
- The Presets function is 100% optional. You can choose to use it, or you can do your forums from scratch like it is now.
- Any changes made using this can be changed later by the normal means.
- (Hopefully) Options will be added that allow you to enable/disable/set-to-default any 1/many part(s) of the preset.
- Presets can be changed through the admin panel.

Last edited by 94killerz on March 31st 2010, 11:38 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Edit: Removed "&" from poll options due to an error caused by it.)

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Re: Forum Profiling

Post by Jophy on April 18th 2013, 2:13 pm

Suggestion Clean up

-> Old suggestions(Please feel to create a new thread for the garbaged old suggestions)
-> Implemented suggestions
-> Suggestions which are currently suggested (Please use the SEARCH function)
-> Suggestions which are already possible
-> Unclear Suggestions

=> Please read the guidelines for the suggestion section:
=> Please take a look on the frequently suggested features for your forums:

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