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help with navi bar buttons please

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Solved help with navi bar buttons please

Post by cecesaun1 on June 19th 2010, 4:27 am

I'm getting ready to add a skin to my site and I'm not really happy with the navi buttons. Would someone mind making me new ones to replace the old ones please.
The skin I'm using is the 'extreme dark red' one.
Here's what I'd like:
Home/Forum/Calender/Usergroups/Gallery/FAQ/Messages/Search/Profile/Elite/Sign In/Out/Register I'd like this in the red or a mixture of the red and dark gray or dark red with white text. Whichever is not a complication to you.

Also the side buttons if possible to use the 2-d or 3-d look as the navi tiny text the this: Cstyles

It can be of a cursive type and possible scaling slant downward.

And the buttons to show which is which as far as 'new/locked/old' and whatever else is needed.

Also...where can I get the smilies that are here. I have some of the but not most of them. Sad

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Solved Re: help with navi bar buttons please

Post by Matei on June 19th 2010, 7:41 pm

Exclamation Hello, please edit your request topic with the correct requesting form that you can find here. If you do not do so within 24 hours, then I will have to refuse your request.


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Solved Re: help with navi bar buttons please

Post by cecesaun1 on June 20th 2010, 2:15 am

I'm sorry for the mistake. Please accept my apology.

(I'm going to be using the 'hitskin' template "MIDNIGHT GLOW" by da manor)
Looking over the template again I decided that I really didn't have to change too much afterall. I like the text color as is.
All I really need are additional navi buttons one that says' forum' the other say' home'.
Then additional buttons that say' Elite' and 'Register'
Then the side buttons with 'Cstyles' wrote on it. I want that going downward in a slope or slant please. So the buttons that are already there just make them big enough to fit in tiny text the name of the site please.
Then the bottom buttons that have whether a thread is old,new, locked

Basically that's all.
I'm sorry this is a mess.
If you see something that you think might enhance these items go for it!! I'm still learning and I trust your judgement...I've seen your work!

Nature of the creation : Not sure what this question means.

With or without animation : With animation please. A soft glow of the text.

Background color : The blue that is in the close to possible please.

Picture(s) link(s) : White

Text to insert : Very very pale blue

Link to the font to download : Georgia text is fine

Font color : White

Link of my forumotion forum :Nature of the creation :

Creation size (in pixels) : basic size

With or without animation : With animation please, a soft glow from the text

Background color : sky blue

Picture(s) link(s) : Yred

Text to insert : red

Link to the font to download :

Font color : the blue in the template

[color=darkred]Link of my forumotion forum :

Extra comments : I'd like to have a button that say 'Forum' and one that says 'Elite' please

This is all so brand new to me and if you can't do this I will understand. I left some fields blank because I just did not understand what the question meant.
This whole thing depressed me because I realize how little I know about this. Sad

for the side buttons I ask if somehow they can hold the title' Cstyles' inside of it and make it go in a downward slant. The text can be teeny tiny yet readable or at least recognizable.

Link to template I'm wanting to change to.

Also I'm trying to figure out how to insert thumbnail pictures inside one of the threads so maybe a button on the inside that says 'insert' Very Happy

Last edited by cecesaun1 on June 20th 2010, 9:21 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Just added some changes to request. It's actually little more simplied than what I had first.)


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