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A favor

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Solved A favor

Post by Invigor on June 22nd 2010, 5:23 pm

Hello there guys im doing this topic here cause what i want to ask isn't actually a problem is a "favor" and is going to be "against your rules" so that's why i call it a "favor"....

After 1 year ago 2 mates and i was running this forum for an old after some search i finally found the address and i log in with my co-admin of the forum..but i dont have any administration right anymore (don't know how cause i was the one who "closed" the forum with my co-admin) and i want if it possible to transfer the forum from the currect e-mail address to my email... why i want something like that?...
the forum admin is long gone to the problems of his life and he is not using the forum anymore (He probably dont remember if it's exist) i want to take the forum and make an full backup restore (if it has after so long)...why shall i do that? i was asked from the members of the old l2server (they also members of the forum) cause the server is going to come back with another admin...but we all want this forum that is remember us much of our fun...

This is the "favor" i want to ask i hope you guys unterstand that i will appreaseate it to much
Best Regards

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Solved Re: A favor

Post by kirk on June 22nd 2010, 11:00 pm

Well favor or nop favor we have rules here.
I understand you are new but topic titles like this are not explicit to your question or problem.FAVOR is not an explicit title.Next time please use a title that pertains to your question or problem or you will not recive any help until the title is changed.

now that being said

Is this a forumotion forum.. if so.
you are saying you still still have a admin account but not the owners account correct?

if thats the case how long has the founder/owner creator been gone.
if it has been over 6 months without any contact or activity from the founder i believe you can get the forum transferred to you.
(but if the founder is still active and on the forum time to time then no)

But befor we put a request in for this. you should try contacting the original founder and ask him to just give you a pass to the founder account then you can change everthing needed once in.

If not then the only one that can do this is typlo. and i will have to find out exactly what the policy is on this and how the founder has to be gone and active befor it's him considered abandoning the forum.

So try to contact him fist.. then come back and hopefully i will know more on the exact policy for this type of inquiry..



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Solved Re: A favor

Post by Invigor on June 26th 2010, 6:32 pm

ok thank you i will and sorry about this topic Smile

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Solved Re: A favor

Post by Sanket on June 26th 2010, 6:38 pm

Since this thread appears to be solved, I will lock this thread and mark it as solved.

Sanket Smile


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