how do i make a video section ?

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how do i make a video section ?

Post by TGC HARDC0RE on June 22nd 2010, 6:02 pm

since forumotion have not yet added a feature for people to upload videos (and no i don't want to upload them to my forum i want an extra page) i was wondering if any one has a html code so people can upload videos onto the page and rate them and things (or if they just upload them by typing in the youtube link and pressing submit)

thanks it would be great if some one can help

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Re: how do i make a video section ?

Post by kirk on June 22nd 2010, 10:31 pm

you already have tag options to add link,youtube,flash,images etc..
As far as uploading them from you site you would have to inc operate code that will allow you to upload to file host or image host.. i dont know of anything right off hand that will do video directly from site for like youtube.

but you can try something like the megaupload file box

in the mean time i will see if i can did up a code that will allow you to just place the Link like you are saying.. but you already have the youtube tag option for that..

as far as rating them you will just have to add a poll to the thread and create a rating system that way.

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