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Question About Bar Text Fields In Profile In Regards To An RPG

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Question About Bar Text Fields In Profile In Regards To An RPG

Post by Caeel1Up on September 27th 2010, 5:02 am

So I'm working on an RPG forum that shows your HP, etc. I would like to make it a bar based HP system which would show you how much HP you would have left. I can only see two ways of doing this, 1 being to make an images list with a HUGE number of different images for every different combination, 2 being making a Bar Field, however this is problematic since it you can't manually change the maximum value without changing all of the profiles. I tried making so that there was no maximum value, but that just made it auto set to 100. Now seeing as how it probably runs off a percentile or dividing process, it seems like you should be able to modify each persons HP individually without any issue at all, but I can't find a way how. Does anyone know how to do this. Is it possible. If not would it be hard to implement? Thanks in advance for your help Smile

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