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Script Problem! Generator messing up Home Page.

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Script Problem! Generator messing up Home Page.

Post by Chris Hickingbottom on September 30th 2010, 9:13 pm

Ok, so when I put my weather generator for a roleplay section of my site up a couple days ago, it worked just fine. Now it is messing up the home page by blending everything together.. and the second weather part is not showing up. Any suggestions??

<br><script type="text/javascript">
/* Weather Generator */
var d=new Date();
var class1='titlebg'; //the class for the top row of cells
var class2='catbg';//the class for the city name cells
var class3='windowbg'; // the class for the other cells
var ans ='day'; //write week for weekly, day for daily
//note: it is case sensitive
var week = Math.round(d.getTime()/(1000*60*60*24));
var week = Math.round(d.getTime()/(1000*60*60*24*7));
var weather=[
['Sunny','','Sunny. Great day outside today!'], //0
['Mostly Sunny','','Mostly Sunny'], //1
['Partly Cloudy','','Partly Cloudy'], //2
['Cloudy','','Its cloudy today. The sun just does not want to come out.'], //3
['Light Rain','','Its only lightly raining today. Much like a drizzle; it is quite peaceful.'], //4
['Rainy','','Its definitely wet outside. A great day for the crops.'], //5
['Heavy Rain','','It will be pouring outside today. You might want to stay inside.'], //6
['Thunderstorm','','Its bad outside. The wind is blowing hard and the rain is coming down even harder. Thunder and lightning come along with this.'], //7
['Windy','','Its sunny outside, but really windy.'], //8
['Icy Rain','','Its very cold outside and to top it all off, its raining.'], //9
['Clear Night','','The night is clear. the moon is definitely visible, depending on its phase.'], //10
['Few clouds at night','','The night is just a little cloudy. You can still see the moon, depending on its phase.'], //11
['Mostly Cloudy Night','','The night sky is covered with the clouds. The moon is not going to be visible in any phase.'], //12
['Night Rain','','Its raining tonight. If you are inside a building, it is quite relaxing to hear the beat of it upon the roof.'], //13
['Heavy Rain Night','','Its pouring down outside tonight. You can barely see in-front-of yourself.'], //14
['Night Thunderstorm','http,://','Its storming outside tonight. The wind is blowing hard and the lightning and thunder are not too friendly.'] //15
var cities=[
['Interminable World-Fall-Daytime',60,81,0,15,1,15,2,15,3,15,4,8,5,8,6,8,7,8,8,8],
['Interminable World-Fall-Nightime',35,61,10,20,11,20,12,20,13,13,14,13,15,13]
var f=new Array();
function PickTemperature(x){
document.write(cities[x][1]+m + '°F or ');
document.write(Math.round((cities[x][1]+m-32)*(5/9)) + '°C');
else if(p!=0 & p!=2 & p%2==0){
function PickWeather(x){
document.write('</td><td ="'+class3+'" align="center"> <img src="');
var z=2,L=0;
document.write(weather[cities[x][z-1]][1] + '" />');
document.write(' </td><td class="windowbg" align="center"> ' + weather[cities[x][z-1]][2] + ' </td></tr>');
document.write('<table width="670"><tr><td class="'+class1+'" align="center"><h2>Region-Season-Time</h2></td><td class="'+class1+'" align="center"><h2>Temperature</h2></td><td class="'+class1+'" align="center"><h2>Weather</h2></td><td class="'+class1+'" align="center"><h2>Weather Statistics</h2></td></tr>');
document.write('<tr><td ="'+class2+'" height="30px" align="center">');
document.write('</td><td class="'+class3+'" height="30px" align="center"> ');

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