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Complaint against Romanian support team

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Complaint against Romanian support team

Post by Mariko21 on December 26th 2010, 9:24 pm

I am sorry for starting such a topic here, but this is an issue I cannot solve in some other place.

I have been banned for sending 5 partnership requests through private messaging in the Romanian support forum, that being considered spam. As far as I know, partnership requests are not considered spam or commercials, but a manner to aid forum admins gain more users on their websites. And, after all, the support forums give us the opportunity to help each other evolve, inside a larger community.

Now, I am writing this here because all the official support forums have the same rules. And I really don't see where I went wrong...

The other issue I would like to address in this message is the fact that some members in the Romanian suppport team are not polite at all. They laugh at the suggestions people offer them, they don't show the minimum of respect when trying to communicate to them and so on and so fourth. I have even suggested in a topic in the Suggestion section that they show a bit more respect to the users, but somehow that topic just went away. I understand that there's a lot of work to do and that patience is something hard to maintain in some cases, but the members of the staff have chosen to do this so they should do it properly.

I would like to see a bit of justice done here. I have not been treated properly by support team members (sure, they are on the Romanian forum), but they still represent Forumotion, they still have a part in forming its image. Perhaps I should have adressed this issue on the French forum, but I am not good at French...


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Re: Complaint against Romanian support team

Post by razvy3 on December 26th 2010, 9:40 pm

I agree with it often happens that the Romanian support forum


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Re: Complaint against Romanian support team

Post by MrMario on December 26th 2010, 9:52 pm

This place isn't the place to complain about another support forum. If you follow the rules you shouldn't have a problem. By reading what you said it seems like you are breaking their rules which is why you been banned five times. Since the Romanian admin has the same admin here its best if you just contact Luky and not post in public. Lastly, we don't handle other support forum problems here. You should solve it between the staff. Therefore I am locking this topic.


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