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Chatting tools

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Chatting tools

Post by jonathan.m.cabloy on October 8th 2011, 3:31 am

if anyone here knows how to put the meebo chat bar use for chatting below on every page of the forum?

i am trying to use the java script features but i have no luck.

it is only available at the portal of the page when i use html features. this is the code

<script type="text/javascript">
window.Meebo||function(c){function p(){return["<",i,' onload="var d=',g,";d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].",
"&"+l+"="+c[l]:"",c[e]?"&"+e+"="+c[e]:"","'\"></",i,">"].join("")}var f=window,
m=d[i],r;if(!m){r=arguments.callee;return setTimeout(function(){r(c)},100)}a.$=
{0:+new Date};a.T=function(u){a.$[u]=new Date-a.$[0]};a.v=5;var j="appendChild",
d[e];o="javascript:var d="+g+".open();d.domain='"+d.domain+"';";b[k]=o+"void(0);"}try{var t=
'\\"')+'");d.close();'}a.T(1)}({network:"aplazza_pe59ve"});(function(){ var evt = "load", fn = function() { Meebo("domReady"); }, w = window;if(w.addEventListener) { w.addEventListener(evt, fn, false); }else if(w.attachEvent) { w.attachEvent("on" + evt, fn); }})();

i also use the code at blogger or for an option how do i edit the page index or the main html source of my forum?


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