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I Am Brainstormed! Nice Idea for an RPG Game.

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I Am Brainstormed! Nice Idea for an RPG Game.

Post by Shiny_Darkrai on October 20th 2011, 9:18 am

Hello! I have a nice idea for a forumotion-forum based RPG game! I'm trying to be very unique here, I don't think this will work out that great, but maybe you can use this idea to make a legendary RPG. This RPG game is very much like a board game. Someone has to properly design this board game, however. We can make it look kind of you know... classical. I remember seeing some kind of page you go to before you enter the forum in the tips and tricks section. We can use that page to look like a big, giant "play" button. We can use the warning bars as "HP" bars. We can make good use of the dice thing. We can rank people from points. The money can be the points field. (The actual points will be different.) The reputation can be something like karma. We can base it on the medieval age. The music can be kind of like creepy, classical style. I dunno where, but this is leading SOMEWHERE. I need YOUR help to reach there lol.


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Re: I Am Brainstormed! Nice Idea for an RPG Game.

Post by MotorCookie on October 22nd 2011, 1:03 am

Get it started


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