Slide show
This tool will allow you to create a slide show by using images, just like the example below :

Mocha CoffeeHotlimeFC MattronProsilverlightSakura PinkHappy Valentine's Day

Instructions :
  • Choose to modify the duration, dimension, and color settings. ( Optional )
  • Fill in the slide information such as image, link, and tooltip.
  • Slides can be shown or hidden by clicking the (TOGGLE) buttons.
  • To add more slides, click the blue button.
  • To delete the most recent slide, click the red button.
  • When you're finised, click the green button to generate your slide show code. You can then copy and paste this code into a widget or HTML page.
  • After your code has been generated, click the black button to preview the result.
  • If you have an exisiting image slide show code, you can paste it in the textarea and click the yellow button to load it into the editor.

Duration settings
?Amount of time the image is displayed. ( 3500 = 3.5 seconds )
?Time it takes for the image to fade. ( 800 = 0.8 seconds )
Dimension settings
?Defines the height of each image.
?Defines the width of each image.
Color settings
?Background color of each slide. ( leave blank for transparency )
?Border color of each slide. ( leave blank for transparency )
Slide 1 (Toggle)
?URL that you want this image to take you to when clicked. ( optional )
?URL of the image that you want this slide to show.
?Simple description of the image. ( optional )

?Your code will be available after clicking the generate button. Copy the code and then paste it where HTML formats, such as the homepage message, widgets, or an HTML page. Click the preview button to preview this code, and if you want to edit existing code, paste it in the textarea and click "edit code."