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 1 avatar BlackScorpion2010-11-07Today at 2:53 am3 Send private message 
 2 avatar OngBak2018-12-12Today at 1:09 pm3 Send private message 
 3 avatar brandon_gComputers, helping others 2011-01-15Today at 5:05 am2 Send private message 
 4 avatar APErunning a chat site2008-04-04Today at 2:00 am2 Send private message 
 5 avatar skouliki2007-11-07Today at 12:50 pm2 Send private message 
 6 avatar SarkZKalie2012-11-04Today at 2:06 am1 Send private message 
 7 avatar TonnyKamperWebdesigning, videography, singing2013-01-13Today at 12:53 am1 Send private message 
 8 avatar JennyorAliceReading, spending time with my dog, watching movies, playing video games, catching up on my favorite tv shows and working on my forum.2012-10-31Today at 2:32 am1 Send private message