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Monday, July 1 and Monday, July 8 - Technical maintenance at the Datacenter

June 21st 2024, 2:41 pm by Luzz

Dear users,

Our Datacenter informs us that two preventive maintenances are planned for Monday, July 1 and Monday, July 8, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

We advise you to announce these maintenances to your members. Service interruptions are very likely during the duration of operations.

Also, be sure to save your messages before sending, to avoid any loss of content in the event of loss of access to the forum.

Although these interventions at the data center are beyond our control, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your understanding,
Your Forumotion team king

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Maintenance scheduled by our Datacenter for Monday, 3 June 2024

May 30th 2024, 4:51 pm by Luzz

Maintenance is scheduled

Free Forum: Support Forum of Forumotion Users - Portal Fmm10

Dear members.

We inform you that our Datacenter is planning technical maintenance for Monday 3 June 2024, from 9 a.m.(Central European Time), with a possible risk of network failure.

This maintenance will be carried out by the teams of our Data center. No major impact on your forums is expected, other than the possibility of problems with access.

We thank you for your understanding and apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused!  :rose:

The Forumotion Team

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Discover the new option Servimg Premium in Forumotion packages

March 5th 2024, 2:43 pm by Luzz

New: Discover the new option Servimg Premium in Forumotion packages

Dear Forumotion users,

Forumotion has just added to our packages  Free Forum: Support Forum of Forumotion Users - Portal 857436672 and  Free Forum: Support Forum of Forumotion Users - Portal 312592876 a new option: Servimg Premium.

What is the Servimg Premium option?

Subscribing to Servimg Premium allows all members of your forum to benefit from several advantages when hosting images via the text editor, such as:

  • Drag & Drop: up to 25 simultaneous sends (basically limited to 3).
  • Optional image processing (ideal for preserving the original quality and transparent background of images in PNG format).
  • Maximum size accepted per photo: up to 32 MB.
  • Possibility of removing links to the Servimg website on images.

Please note, do not confuse the Servimg Premium and

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Recent Forumotion updates : access to the forum under construction, 2 new widgets, new variable

November 23rd 2023, 2:16 pm by Luzz

Dear community,

A number of new features have appeared on your forums lately, here is a short summary.

Access to the forum under construction for moderators

This update to the "Forum under construction" feature, which was made at the suggestion of our users, adds the option to give access to a forum under construction not only to forum administrators (as was previously the case), but also to moderators.

You can manage this setting from your administration panel:
Administration panel  General  Forum  Configuration  Allow access to the forum under construction

Free Forum: Support Forum of Forumotion Users - Portal 23-11-11

New widget "Latest images"

A new widget is now available on your forums, allowing you to …

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