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Post by The Alex December 12th 2005, 12:32 am

Here are things which cannot be done on Forumotions:

- control the messages before they are shown on the forum.
- remove, move or modify the default avatars in your galleries. You can only disable them.
- get a sql backup of the forum database to export it. You can't import a non-forumotion board either.
- attach files to the emails sent via your forum.
- install a skin directly.
- install a MOD directly.

Here are things which you can do with EditBoard:

- modify the colors of your forum one by one.
- modify all images, logos and buttons.
- Install a Flash logo, with or without navigation buttons.
- install a chat.
- have music. /!\ BEWARE OF THE ROYALTIES !!!
- Install a clock or a calendar.
- modify the permissions on your forum as you want Arrow permissions.
- create groups with special accesses Arrow groups.
- have a portal for your forum.
- modify the elements of your portal.
- Having up to 150 custom smileys to your gallery, including the default ones Arrow smiley
- add 30 personal avatars to your gallery Arrow avatars
- restore your forum such as it was 1 to 5 days ago or 1 to 2 months ago Arrow recover a forum
- change the Internet address of your forum and its domain name after the name
- Modify the CSS file to customize even more the colors, borders, fonts and backgrounds on your board.
- Activate the birthdays management and the calendar mod
- Activate the gallery and make it accessible to members by upgrading it to the Pro version
- Censoring words and usernames
- Activate the character sheet module to show characters' stats in RPG forums, and customize it.
- Activate the report post hack, so your members can report posts who don't respect your rules.
- Activate the Dice roll mod and customize your dices.
- Choosing which labels you want to display under the avatar, and to make them compulsory or not at the registration
- Posting multiple choice polls
- Choosing the board language, the timezone and the date format in your general configuration and in your profile.
- Choosing to set up default avatars for newly registered users and guests
- Showing your board's statistics to whom you want to show.
- Choosing a personalized favicon
- Ban a member temporarily for how much time you want.

Written by Maélya

Corrected by Katt
and by Alice too
Last updated by Katt at 06/17/07
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