"topic reply" is not giving link for share

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"topic reply" is not giving link for share

Post by myfreeinc on November 17th 2011, 5:47 pm

Hi, i didn't find match of my problem by forumotion forum's search, so am gonna post my question here, if it was allready told and solved by any one previous than me then plz give me the link of that post so that i can go and read that.
Well, here is my question :
look at this page http://myfreeinc.4rumer.com/t7-tips-and-know-hows-of-general-affiliate-marketing
This URL is for a partiular thread, which generated at the opening of the thread, good
and scroll to down side, you will see some in topic reply below the 1st post, now if i only need to share my second post of that field how could i do that ? I didn't find any topic reply url option to share any reply, except the top thread url.
I saw an button name "Action" at the right hand corner above the Top of the thread, but from there i only can get the Thread start URL.

Look at this too, (its my cousin brother's forum)
this above URL is the main Thread start URL
and there are 6 more under reply there, so if i want to share the 3rd post only, in my facebook then i just simply click on that and i got http://pipcity.forumotions.in/t264-daily-forecast-by-setyo-wibowo-via-email-nov-17#906 then i can easily share that.
He got this facility by default. and he not so advance like me so he didn't satisfy me with his solution.

I want to imply this feature on my forum too. plz help

Edit :
okey i rather change my ver to phpbb3 and i saw the preview it's okey there but all phpbb2 showing the problem as i wrote above. not sure about others phpbb2 forum.

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