Help in adding top poster in latest topics(new system)

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Help in adding top poster in latest topics(new system)

Post by lBlacKl on December 4th 2011, 10:26 am

i just want to know if this code is using in adding top poster in latest topics(new system)

add to mod recent topics

<!-- BEGIN scrolling_row -->
<div class="module main">
  <div class="main-head"><div class="h3">{L_RECENT_TOPICS}</div></div>
  <div class="main-content" id="comments_scroll_div">
      <!-- BEGIN recent_topic_row -->
      » <a onmouseover="document.getElementById('comments_scroll_container').stop();" onmouseout="document.getElementById('comments_scroll_container').start();" href="{scrolling_row.recent_topic_row.U_TITLE}" title="{scrolling_row.recent_topic_row.L_TITLE}">{scrolling_row.recent_topic_row.L_TOPIC_TITLE}</a><br />
      <img src="{ICON_TIME}" alt="" />{scrolling_row.recent_topic_row.S_POSTTIME} {BY}

      <!-- BEGIN switch_poster -->
      <a onmouseover="document.getElementById('comments_scroll_container').stop();" onmouseout="

then add this to javascript

$(function() {
var row=$('.rtrow').get();
var x=$('.topics2').get();
for (i=10;i<row.length;i++) {
    var element=row[i];
    var td=x[i-10];

is this code for adding top poster in latest topics?

please correct me if im wrong


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