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How to install envolve on phpBB3

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How to install envolve on phpBB3 Empty How to install envolve on phpBB3

Post by prakasa1904 December 4th 2011, 11:58 pm

sorry before my english is bad , Very Happy Very Happy

I have link how to make live chat like Facebook..... but i can't install it on my forum (phpBB3), some body can help me ??

my forum in Indonesian Language here : Forum Tekkom

and live chat here : www[dot]envolve[dot]com please help it look like professional ... hhmmm beu beu beu beu beu
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How to install envolve on phpBB3 Empty Re: How to install envolve on phpBB3

Post by kirk December 6th 2011, 11:32 am

well wee need to see what the coding is, or if what you are trying to add is compatible with forumotion.

It also depends where you want this to show on your forum to.
I mean it could be something as simple as adding the code to a html page, then having it in a pop-out or irame to show in a forums description or something..
So you have to try to explain or provide what you can so we can understand and try to help you better.

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