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Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!New Forum Questions

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Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!New Forum Questions Empty Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!New Forum Questions

Post by Kitty 31/12/2007, 20:03

Oops- I found the answer!

We are discussing our children's medical issues on a new forum and want it for members only. How do I set it so that new members who register can't go straight to the forum and read it? I have set it so that members have to register and and can only get on the forum through the email sent to their email address. But how do I set it so that I can look at email and approve them before they log on?

Thank you for your help
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Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!New Forum Questions Empty Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!New Forum Questions

Post by Luky 31/12/2007, 21:41

Hi, your title being non explicit and therefore not facilitating research via the search option, I'm not answering (nor is any other member Wink) until you change your title for an explicit one, related to your problem Wink

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