Can I use a Hindu swastika in my forum's design?

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Can I use a Hindu swastika in my forum's design?

Post by Sauwelios on December 18th 2011, 8:12 am

My forum is dedicated to Nietzsche's Übermensch. I think the Hindu swastika is the perfect symbol, because just as the Hindu swastika is not the Nazi swastika, the Nietzschean Übermensch is not the Nazi Übermensch. I would use the line I just underlined in my forum's description, so the reason for the swastika will be immediately clear to everyone. I also think there are strong similarities between Nietzsche's philosophy and Hinduism, not in the least between their respective ideals for man and society. So, can I use a Hindu swastika in my forum's design?

EDIT: This is the one I'd use: As you can see, it's pretty distinct from the Nazi one.

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Re: Can I use a Hindu swastika in my forum's design?

Post by kirk on December 18th 2011, 9:47 am

Well i would not suggest it Only because there are so many that may take it the wrong way,I mean there is nothing saying you can not have swastika on your forum, As long as your forum is not some kind racism,spreading hate or corrupt cult orientated forum, then it is nothing more then a image and a part of history. but not all would see eye to eye on that. And keep in mind people will complain about everything and anything, just for the sake of complaining and or trying to get someones forum shut down.

Anyway i believe the Hindu swastika is what inspired Hitler to create the German swastika.

But whatever the case there are many that may feel it is offensive.So just make sure your forum is no way racist,promoting hate or breaking any other TOS,

This is off topic but just made me remember this.
You know whats funny, i uploaded a picture of Pink Floyd duel hammers from the album Pink Floyd The Wall on tinypic once, and tinypic sent me a message saying it was racist... It was long time ago, but just goes to show you how people can sometimes take things the wrong way. lol

Anyone that is a Pink Floyd fan and understand what the album The Wall is about, knows the image is not racist, Plus the album sold over 30 million copies.
and look what band is number 3 on the list... Very good

Ok sorry for going off topic there, it's just funny me remember when tinypic did that.

Anyway like i said above


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