search users and give references

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search users and give references

Post by themanwithnoplan on December 31st 2011, 6:45 pm


I'm trying to get a system of referencing started on my site to help people with their trades etc..
I was wondering if anyone had any clue on how to do something like this.
the site Bartertown has a great system and is what I want but the admins don't give out the code Sad
so for those who don't know about it here is the process:

There are two tabs one to check a reference and another to post one.
If you click post a reference you get a screen like this:
<-Click to enlarge

there are 3 options 'good, neutral, and bad' if good is clicked +1 is added to your reputation, neutral none, and bad -1.

If you decided to click on check a reference, it's a search bar for a username, after putting one in you get a screen like this which shows all the references that were posted on the guy.
<-Click to enlarge

I think this might be simpler than I think, but can I even do something like this in phbb3?Thats it!


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