Deleting gallery posts

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Deleting gallery posts

Post by Totalpapercrafts on January 3rd 2012, 11:11 pm

Can anyone help me with how to delete gallery posts. One of my forum members has used more than half of my forum storage and I'd like to weed out some of the gallery posts. I haven't had my forum for long so this is pretty new to me - I really need clear instructions!

Thanks, Karen

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Re: Deleting gallery posts

Post by Guest on January 4th 2012, 2:19 am

When asking for instructions on such things, it is best to provide a forum link and a forum type (such as phpbb2, punBB, etc.)

Though, I do believe you have phpBB2, as it says so in your profile information, so hopefully that is still correct.

Image Deletion:

If this is so, go to the category of the image you wish to delete. Then, click on the image until it comes up. Above the image will be a scroll bar that starts on "original picture" for how you wish to view the image.

Click on the arrow next to this to see a list of the viewing and moderation options list.

Underneath the viewing options, you'll see the moderation options: "edit, delete, lock." Choose delete and hit the button "go," next to the scrolling bar.

Comment Deletion:

Go to the image that has comments on it. Find the comment/post that you wish to delete and look in the top, right hand corner, where the delete button is usually located, and click it. This will prompt a question, to ask you if you're sure you wish to delete it. Just click "yes," and it's deleted.

This is the same process as deleting any normal post on the forum.

Naturally, you'll only be able to do either of these as a moderator or administrator. I hope this helps!


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