Want a weather script

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Want a weather script

Post by uJhisper on January 4th 2012, 4:03 am

i see some on google, but literally none of them work Sad its basically the same as the falling snow but i want it to be rain


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Re: Want a weather script

Post by Guest on January 4th 2012, 9:26 am

Try to add this:
<FRAMESET ROWS="115,*" frameborder="no" border="1" bordercolor="#000000" framespacing="0">
  <FRAME NAME="header" SRC="/scrhead.php?scriptid=5608" scrolling="no" noresize />
  <FRAME NAME="script" SRC="http://www.dseffects.com/scriptsfx/DS_Rain/DS_Rain.html" scrolling="auto" noresize />
before <body> tag. In overall_header template. Wink


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