Storage space issues

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Storage space issues

Post by TasV on January 4th 2012, 5:51 am

I've disabled the gallery function on my forum (but the images uploaded to it are still there), and I have just found the option of enabling attachments. The gallery function was active for three years before I disabled it. The storage space is full and I'm into negative space available. I disabled the gallery because I don't like the way the storage space expires if I spend purchased credits on the storage space and the space is not all used with a certain amount of time. Now I encourage members to use their servimg account instead, despite the angst it causes me because so many of my (often elderly or non-internet savvy) members just don't get it. If the gallery function or attachments were more user friendly it would make my life so much easier!

My questions are:

1. if I enable the attachments function and I purchase more storage space does it still expire or will it be available for use for the life of the account until full?

2. I have asked this before but got no real answer. On this Forummotion page one of the forums listed (the top one) has an icon next to their link whose alt text says 'Pro Gallery Activated'. It looks like a little camera. What does this mean?

3. on the same page as shown above, my forum's thumbnail image is missing showing the red X. Is there any reason for this? I change the forum title from time to time to reflect events such as Christmas and have just changed it back to what it normally is so will this fix itself automatically?




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