Domains cant be transferred ISSUE

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Domains cant be transferred ISSUE

Post by zer0number2 on January 20th 2012, 2:19 am

Ive done some research on this, and it is stated that no hosting company can hold a domain that i as a consumer paid for hostage by blocking a transfer to another site. Im not trying to leave forumotion, i love my forum and use it daily and its generating quite a bit of traffic. But i decided to build a website to go along with it and have it link to my forum, and just use a free domain for my forum. Then i find out that you guys decided to stop doing transfers, which isnt even legal. How is this even an acceptable way to do business?

Ive spent 80 hours or more building my new website and my domain name is plastered all over it, and its my company name which i obviously cant just easily change. It didnt even occur to me that it was going to be even a slight issue to transfer the domain over because blocking from a hosting site is unheard of. And when you purchase the domain on your site there is no agreement stating that it cant be transferred.

So i ask, from a business and legal standpoint how can you stop a transfer when i am the one that paid for it? This is not acceptable by any stretch, i NEED my domain name moved, its not really even an option. Thats like walking into a grocery store and paying for a chicken and the cashier stopping you at the door and telling you that you cant walk out the door with it because it belongs to the grocery store. I mean its mind blowing that you guys are doing this.

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Re: Domains cant be transferred ISSUE

Post by Shadow on January 20th 2012, 2:39 pm

Hello Hello !

You're right, transfers are suspended for the moment, but not definitively Very Happy Forumotion has never prohibited transfers, that's just a matter of time (maybe next month ?) before the possibility for you to transfer your domain name is restored.

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