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New User Moderation

Post by lee hearnden on Sun Jan 22 2012, 15:06

HI All

Im new to this so if this seems sipmle, dont laugh lol.

Im just setting up the forum, going really well, not linked it yet tomy website, just doing all the permissions etc.

Anyway, get to the point. I would like it to be set up so that when someone tries to register, they can but me as the administrator has to authenticate the user, so i can moderate genuine from spam users.

At the moment, anyone can register, how do i put a stage in where people can register but the administrators have to authenticate uers so they can then enter the forum and post etc.

Any help would be much appretiated


lee hearnden
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Re: New User Moderation

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 22 2012, 15:53

1. Go to Administration Panel => Users & Groups => Users => Users options => Members:
New accounts activation : Admin.

2(optional). Go to Administration Panel => Users & Groups => Users => Profiles => Profile fields => Fields => Add
So, you can create a field, for... say... a password, a secret code, or something like this, so, only you'll know if the user is your user or not.

3. Go to Administration Panel => Users & Groups => Users => Inactive users => New users. Here you have to check user and activate his account, or not... Very Happy


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