simple question about "icon before username"

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simple question about "icon before username"

Post by Scatterbrain on February 7th 2012, 9:11 am

i am working with this tutorial, and i liked it alot. i would like to have a icon before the username for users who have passed a sertian amount of posts. and... i am forced to to this manually, i can stand that, but now the question... does it work for a larger amount of members? lets say 100-200 members with icons before usernames? my feeling about it is that its going to destroy the forum or at least make it really slow

would really appreciate an answer!

thank you for the ability to ask

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Re: simple question about "icon before username"

Post by Guest on February 7th 2012, 12:26 pm


To moderators: sorry for posting an external link, but this forum is for forumotion support/help, and this helps the user a lot...


So, for first read that tutorial. I know, that is not what you want, but I going to transform that tutorial with the helps of that 2 codes and the interesing idea, into a solution to the topic: simple question about "icon before username"...

So, choose from there your forum version and replace:
<span class="specialpost">RANK TITLE HERE</span>
to this:
<span class="specialpost"></span>
So, you don't need to give user a rank.

Then, to JS management add this:
$(function() {
$('".specialpost") td .name strong a').before('<img src="IMAGE_URL" />');
P.S. This JS Code is for phpBB2 version. I guess your version is phpBB2.

I hope my idea is working. Razz


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