Small change in domain on new member registration

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Small change in domain on new member registration

Post by CudgeltheClever on February 8th 2012, 5:13 pm

Eclipsael, the founder of is currently MIA. Getting the other admins together to get them to agree to changing the founder is in process but we need a bit of help.

Eclipsael originally registered the domain and linked it to the forum. Since he's MIA we were unable to renew that domain and it was snatched by a gentleman (hey, I'm trying to be polite) on Java. Why, we have no clue, but he wants $500 to sell our domain back to us. We've done an end around the gent (again, trying to be polite) by registering The problem is that new user registration email verifications still refer people to (now a fake woman's health site). Can we get the referral changed to while we work on herding the cats other admins to get the founder changed?


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Re: Small change in domain on new member registration

Post by MrMario on February 11th 2012, 7:52 pm


If the founder bought the domain name and is selling it, its his/her choice. If the founder is been absent for more then 6 months and one day you can request a founder change.

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