IE positioning problem

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IE positioning problem

Post by Vito-UFA on February 9th 2012, 6:36 pm

Hi !
I need help please !
I'm planing a change from PHPBB2 to PUNBB and i found some complications ...
BETATESTER forum was previously a PHPBB2 forum while BATTLEFIELD was PUNBB on which i make modifications and after was done i have transfered it to BETATESTER forum and i found this issue ...

Please browse this forums with Internet Explorer (cause this is the browser which making an issue)

forum #1

forum #2

both forums has same themes same CSS and same templates, and the problem is that both forums are displayed in different way by Internet Explorer

forum #2 looking fine while forum #1 its positioned to the right side leaving empty spot on the left side ...

the wierd thing is that those forums are basicaly mirror reflections so i have no idea why one of them #1 is displayed wrong while another looking well #2

Can anyone help me find this bug and fix this problem ?


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