Forumotion, We Have a Problem

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In progress Forumotion, We Have a Problem

Post by Jay Furor on February 25th 2012, 5:18 am

Hello, I'm Jay, and I'm a long-time member of
Eh, it seems as of late that, for whatever reason, our pictures displayed on the right, our chatbox, our Twitter widget, and our background are being screwy, as well as a topic being partly erased with little explanation. These problems vary a bit between members, but most of us can see that the chatbox's login panel is solid white, and all you can see is the autorefresh checkbox. The pictures are also seen by most members, and one of the pictures was deleted, and as we had no backup, is gone now. Our head admin, Reila, is currently trying to replace the missing things, but we are still pretty deep in trouble. Also to note, this all happened with no changes to the scripting of our site, and pretty much, randomly occured. Whether someone hacked the site and messed stuff up, or if the server's just being stupid, we would like some help before anything else happens. If anyone could merit some solutions, we would be ever so grateful.

~~~~~Thank you so much,
~~~~~~~~~~Jay Furor, MDA

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In progress Re: Forumotion, We Have a Problem

Post by Jophy on February 25th 2012, 6:59 am


I can see the images on the right widgets clearly, there seems to be nothing wrong on twitter widget on the left part, and other than that, I'm not seeing anything screwy as you mentioned. What browsers are you and your members are using? Tried clearing cache too? So most of the problems are on the appearance part only? No data or posts/topics missing?

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