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Post by accessprogram on February 27th 2012, 4:13 am

rno/public_html/forums/includes/database_error_message.html) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /includes/class_core.php on line910
Database error in vBulletin 3.6.5: Invalid SQL: SELECT thread.threadid, thread.forumid, IF(threadread.readtime IS NULL, 1329169472, IF(threadread.readtime < 1329169472, 1329169472, threadread.readtime)) AS threadread, IF(forumread.readtime IS NULL, 1329169472, IF(forumread.readtime < 1329169472, 1329169472, forumread.readtime)) AS forumread, thread.lastpost, subscribethread.subscribethreadid FROM vb3_thread AS thread, vb3_subscribethread AS subscribethread LEFT JOIN vb3_threadread AS threadread ON (threadread.threadid = thread.threadid AND threadread.userid = 2709) LEFT JOIN vb3_forumread AS forumread ON (forumread.forumid = thread.forumid AND forumread.userid = 2709) WHERE subscribethread.threadid = thread.threadid AND subscribethread.userid = 2709 AND thread.visible = 1 HAVING thread.lastpost > IF(threadread > forumread, threadread, forumread); MySQL Error : Unknown column 'thread.threadid' in 'on clause' Error Number : 1054 Date : Thursday, February 23rd 2012 @ 09:44:32 PM Script : Referrer : IP Address : Username : jon Classname : vB_Database

Any ideas where to start looking? It's vB 3.6.5 and running PHP 5.2.17

I haven't added any hacks for ages and I can't get into Admin CP to have a look there.

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Re: Garbaged

Post by SLGray on February 27th 2012, 4:16 am

The member has been banned for spam.

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