More than one personalized doamin name?

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More than one personalized doamin name?

Post by peter777 on February 29th 2012, 8:54 pm

Hi, with thanks for the huge help you already provided recently, and which worked great, one final question:
is it possible to have more than one personalized domain name? We have 2, you see, and I am not totally sure which one of them to select. The best of them has the problem, that it has a special danish character included, so it might not be so well chosen.


Anyway, if it is possible to have 2 personalized domain names, then the problem resolves itself I guess.

Or maybe it is not necessary to have more than one? I think the personalized domain name feature is mostly for the search engines to redo their address, and for the address bar in browser to show ano and so an alternative spelling will work anyway, because it has the correct redirect. What do you think?

Best, Peter

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Re: More than one personalized doamin name?

Post by Shadow on March 1st 2012, 12:30 pm

Hello Peter !

No, 1 domain name for 1 website, that's the rule Very Happy
You can't have more than one domain name for your forum.

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