Annoying Space/Width

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Annoying Space/Width

Post by Ashley500 on Sat Mar 03 2012, 08:01

Okay. I have been trying everything via google and similar issues. It doesn't help that i cleared my cookies and cache and it deleted all my passwords, so i had to make another support username cause of my memory and forgotton the email addy anyway my problem Razz.

Hello Very Happy
I would like to get rid of the space between the avatar/info and the actual post. As you can see via this link to my RP site. [a post]

My avatars are all 100/100 throughout for every single characters and account. I don't get why that extra space is there. I am not sure what Pun i am but its a hotskin template. I just changed some colours. Its the space between avatar and post count etc and the actual post. I hope this makes sense. I wish i could just pull that line a little to the left lol Very Happy Thanks in advance guys.

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