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Servimg tutorial

Post by Shadow on Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:45 am

Servimg tutorial

This little tutorial will help you to better understand the functionalities of this service and attempt to answer your questions. Wink

What is Servimg?

Servimg is an image host as there are others on the Net. It can host images of maximum size 2MB formats, bmp, gif, png, jpg and tif.
Unlike some hostings, the registration to Servimg is mandatory. Because this Registration allows you to create an account and hence can be traced all the images you upload.
Through this account, if you wish to submit a link to an image hosted some time ago, you will find your images in the links to the image, they will not be lost.

Registration to Servimg

Registration is required to use the service, you must create one in order to store images.
A tool has been developed to create an account on Servimg from your forum.This tool creates an account using the mail and password you use on the forum. There is no risk with security and you can use this tool without fear for your forums.
From the moment Servimg or your account is established it is not attached to your account on the forum. This means that any change password or email in the forum will not change your account Servimg.

If for security reasons you do not want to use this tool, you can create an account manually on the site of Servimg. We advise you in this case to use the same e-mail address as the one of your forum as you will no longer have the window asking you the password for the import of the account.

Once you have an account you can host images on it. These images will be accessible only by the creator of the account, the founder and other members of the forum will not be able to access your account Servimg.

For the administration part, registration is slightly different and more automated. As soon as you go to the image
hosting part of the admin panel or an admin opens the popup Image Hosting, an account is created automatically.
This account is using email and password of the founder of the forum. From that moment the images will be hosted on the account Servimg the founder of the forum itself will have access to these images and his account Servimg.
If the founder or any other administrator does not wish to use this account, they can choose which account Servimg use for the administration part from the "image hosting" panel.
To change the account you have to return another account Servimg valid. You can also choose which category Servimg to use on the images of admins.

Using Servimg

When you answer, or you create a new topic, you have a link to Servimg. When you click on this link opens a new page, and there are two possibilities:

You have never created an account on Servimg or your emails to the forum and Servimg are different:
In that case a message ask you to import your forum in Servimg, then you just have to enter the password that you use on the forum and validate. Your account is created and you can use Servimg using your email address and password for the forum.

You have an account with the same Servimg email:
In this case, if you are not logged on Servimg you must log to host an image.
If you are already logged on Servimg to go to the form sends images. You just choose your image and the form to verify that your image is hosted.
Once an image is hosted you get links to the image. The links to be used for the forums are those of the BBcode.

For the administration part operation is more simple, one click on the button Servimg opens a popup Image Hosting. You choose your image and you confirm the form.
Once an image is hosted you get the picture link. It should be noted that for the part Logo &
images, the click "Close window" information automatically address of
the image in the form.

How does Servimg work

On the site you can store images via the link "Send a picture" from the menu. This link will take you to the sending images form.
The "My Account" link allows you to change your personal information at any time.
The link "My Pictures" allows you to access your gallery. In this gallery you can see the pictures that you have already hosted.

Categories management

In Servimg you have the possibility to create categories to store your images. For example, you can make categories "landscape", "car", "manga", ... tout ce que vous Anything you want within the limits of maximum 32 categories.
Your categories at the top with an image file. When you walk into a class a button "Delete this category" appears in the form of new category, it allows you to delete category.
When you delete a category all images it contains are displaced in the root folder.

Showing images

In the middle of the page you list your photos with a miniature for each image. The "real size" can open the preview to the real size of the image in a new window.
"Links" provides access to the list of links and Html BBcode of the image.
The "Delete" and "Move" buttons let you delete or move the selected images.

At the bottom of page hosting the form is still there and can send an image in the category you are looking at.

The trash is a special category that contains the images you want to delete. You can then move the images to another category or restore them to their original categories.


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Re: Servimg tutorial

Post by Shadow on Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:07 am

How to delete photos hosted on servimg?

To delete your images follow these recommendations:

1. If you are on servimg:

Connect to your account>> My Pictures:

2. If you want to remove them from the gallery of your forum: you must be moderator of the gallery, then proceed as follow:



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