Image cell's width

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Image cell's width

Post by TeamBanditRacing on March 15th 2012, 7:08 am

Hi, I have recently changed the skin of my forum, I have kept the same structure as before. I have applied my own forum and topic icons (locked/new/read forum etc.etc) that are the same ones I used on the last skin applied with no problems.

When I applied these icons the category title on the forum homepage covered the icons slightly. I corrected this issue by changing the "Image cell's width category/board" values to 100. This was perfect.

The only problem left after quite a few hours of trying to resolve things without troubling you guys is I still have the same problem I had with the categories icons on the topic icons, the topic title being over the icon.

I can not find how to adjust the image cell's width for this area as I did for the category page. I've searched FAQ and couldn't really find anything regarding this exact issue, but know there must be a way to solve this as the same icons worked fine with the last skin.

Any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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