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Very Very importan update

Post by XxbatxX on March 17th 2012, 12:05 am

Hi guys i am xbat before i start i will say i am very sorry about my bad english anyway
This forum aweesome i swear god i go to all webs that make a free forum but i didnt like any one only formiton cuz you can edit/add smilles add edit html and aloooooot of thing all of it free other forums you must donate to do these things BUT sorry fo that but this forum is not support enght there is some mistak on it like
When make an group like admin you only put the name and color without permission and img like seven star you must go to rank then make a same name then swith it to spical then put the img and when i make some one mod then i want to promot him to admin i must delet him but his color is diff but the rank is same and about more rhan one theme must select like for guest and for member and the most importan thing the group permission you must go forum by forum to make them spical message and view and etc why that make the catom permission from one way click on group permission in all forum of i want to cstom one forum i go to forum and about banned user the banned user must get a strike on his name to know without click on his name to see his profil
I am sorry rlly rlly sorry for my bad english and long message but i love formtion and i want it better than any forum hot in this world formtion most free forum host wanted and thx
And plz update it fast

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